My life has progressed steadily and methodically from a trailer park on the westside of Indianapolis five decades ago to my home office in Las Vegas where I’m surrounded by nine screens, two young kids and a Wife who is skeptical about how I have chosen to spend my free time. Everything that has happened since the US Centennial year when my Wife was born and my home was mobile is all fairly uninteresting detail. I am now successful in most senses of the word, professionally as a self-taught cloud programmer, doing custom coding unlike any other programmer. I own a VA financed home, my kids are kind, and my marriage is in its seventeenth year.

Failures have been my stair steps.

I have committed to spending the rest of my days building more steps to make America better for my kids, grand kids and all of the future kids who we have casually borrowed Trillions of dollars.

In March 2021 the thoughts & ideas that had been dammed up in my head for over fifteen years had to be purged. I started a plan to organize a Centrist national political party. It took five months of research to realize there’s literally no room to shoehorn in another party, for reasons that I’ll explain here later.

The articles and commentary of the Middle Party are archived at the inactive Middle Party Blog. I will republish most of that content here to give the commentary audio, before writing new articles.

My next effort is Rampart Caucus. A nonpartisan effort to support bridging and civic engagement organization efforts to select better Congressional moderators. While I try to free up time in my work schedule to move forward, I am testing Rampart Caucus ideas on Twitter @RandellHynes.

In the meantime, please give the Africa Brooke Open Letter a listen. In this age of woke, cancel culture her words can lead us to a better place, past the harmful division that is occurring from social identity politics.

I want to republish other thoughtful and inspiring writing here, to give it a voice and maybe the Delly Pulpit will become a true platform for the voice of a nation, after a lot of failing.

Randy Hynes

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Randell Hynes

Candidate for Representative of Nevada Congressional District 03

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