Is it important that Joe Biden debates his challengers?

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Whether or not it is important for Joe Biden to debate his challengers is a matter of opinion. There are both pros and cons to consider.


  • Debates allow voters to hear the candidates’ positions on the issues in their own words. This is important, as it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of a candidate’s positions from reading their campaign literature or watching their campaign ads.
  • Debates allow voters to compare the candidates’ qualifications. This is important, as it can be difficult to assess a candidate’s qualifications simply by looking at their resume or reading about their experience.
  • Debates allow the candidates to challenge each other’s positions. This can be helpful for voters, as it can help them to see how the candidates think and how they react under pressure.
  • Debates allow the candidates to clarify their own views. This can be helpful for voters, as it can help them to understand the candidates’ positions on complex issues.


  • Debates can be seen as a game, and the candidates may focus on scoring points rather than on discussing the issues.
  • Debates can be very long, and they can be difficult for voters to follow.
  • Debates can be dominated by the candidates who are more skilled at public speaking.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not Joe Biden should debate his challengers is up to him. If he believes that it is important to debate his challengers, then he should do so. However, if he does not believe that it is important, then he should not feel obligated to do so.

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