A Vision of What Could Be in Nevada & the USA

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Last year I ran a modest and sincere campaign for Congress by challenging the incumbent, Susie Lee. Mom said when she learned what I was doing, “that’s normal for you”. I guess so and recommend the experience to anyone who doesn’t get butt hurt easily.

The campaign had a tagline, Veterans-led Moderation and a mantra, “In the Army we never asked, What Party, we only did what it takes to defend the Constitution and keep people safe. That’s what’s missing in Congress.”

It’s not controversial that Washington DC is broken and most people agree that government will not fix government with the same group of people that we’ve been sending there.

After the election where I got just 10% of the votes and a mountain of credit card debt, I had to decide how to stay involved in our community with nominal cost to my Family’s well-being and bank account. I finally decided on registering a Super PAC, People Over Parties—POP Super PAC and Nevada nonprofit corporation, Buildup Cooperative. In a think globally, act locally strategy.

Both options were “A Field of Dreams”, build it and they will come deal. POP would fund an effort to return governing to people and Buildup Co-op would establish a model in Las Vegas that could be replicated nationwide to give any American who wanted it, opportunities to get to the next rung of the ladder. In those countless of times in our lives journey when we needed guidance, mentoring, a little training or a chance to improve ourselves. But life got in the way.

Then came Mr. Robert Kennedy, Jr. Who? RFK’s boy. What? I was curious.

I read what he had to say and was floored. I was awestruck. Found some video of him speaking and nearly cried. His malady made his voice very difficult to listen to at first. Then after a while, it’s not even noticeable. Everything that I hear him say fits with a hypothetical model—that I hope will catch on—that I published in an article called Fort Oz, Nevada. My forward-looking vision of “what could be” if Congress could consider innovative ideas, instead of nothing.

Fort OZ

OZ, for Opportunity Zones and also for a government that has devolved to a man behind the curtain, ala Wizard of Oz. Many things that he now promotes are very much in line with that article. Bring the troops homes from overseas to new military facilities built adjacent to other forts and bases and towns that can support them and prosper from the injection of commerce created by a nearby military facility. Like it does to 800 foreign communities around the world.

Overseas military presence is unneeded. We can transport divisions of troops from the continental US to anywhere in the world in 18 hours. Jets and drones can reach globally much faster. And are often already patrolling from US bases.

Randell Hynes

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